Rory keeping the Doctor in check

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I loved how The Doctor acted as Clara`s dad. Dad!Doctor is awesome!

They look exactly the same age though


So…. are we going to talk about this?

Welcome to the BBC


I’m assuming that Moffat and Co. didn’t intend it this way (or, more precisely, I’m hoping they didn’t intend it this way), but the Doctor’s treatment of Danny Pink in “The Caretaker” has some really disturbing undertones. ”Why, hello, black man with a working-class accent! You must be a…

Actually, it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact he’s black. He just doesn’t like soldiers and he wants the best for Clara. He was kind of jealous as well I think? Because Adrian looked like Eleven a little so he thought Clara loved him (the Doctor) but this didn’t turn out to be true, no, she loves A SOLDIER. And he’s afraid Danny will hurt her because he cares so much.

Clara Oswald in series eight episode two, “Into The Dalek

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Alcohol is a poison.

It’s a drug.

I don’t see why it is so acceptable.

It changes people. It reverses calm, intelligent people into nasty, narrow-minded fools. It alters fiery, articulate people into slushy, slurring idiots.

I hate it, I hate it, I want to purge the world of it